Pharaoh Ahkmenrah
I am Ahkmenrah, fourth king of the four kings and ruler of the land of my fathers. Would you like assistance with something?


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Name: Autumn
Height: 5’7 and 1/2
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: August 21st
Favourite color: Silver
Best school subject(s): Maths
Mac or PC: Mac
Current shirt color: White
Day or night: Night
Celebrity crush: RAMI MALEK.

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The Pharaoh had heard about a new exhibit being in the museum in a room right across from his own. He’d heard that she wasn’t from his time, nor was she even remotely near where he’d been. She was from here, America, but not in this location. Apparently, according to what he’d heard, she was beautiful and she’d died very young and very tragically.

None of that gossip could have prepared him for the young woman he met after closing time that night.

Blue hues widened at the site of her, his lips slightly agape. It almost seemed like an insult to call her something like beautiful, because she was so much more than that. Not only that, but she looked like nothing but a proper young lady in that beautiful dress with her hair curled to perfection. Of course, in his careful observation of the new exhibit, he hadn’t realized that he had been staring at her, and quite obviously, too. 

You should come and talk to Ahkmenrah. Come on, you know you want to. Just look at this face.



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“I am Ahkmenrah, fourth king of the four kings and ruler of the land of my fathers.”